unknown iBike Dash CC Deluxe cycling computer Heart Rate Monitors

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Product Description

There’s Nothing Like iBike Dash

To say the iBike Dash ™ is just another bike computer is like saying that the iPhone is just another cell phone. The revolutionary iBike Dash makes use of the full computer functionality of your iPhone or iPod Touch to deliver a truly amazing cycling dashboard at your fingertips – a virtual co-pilot, navigator, and black box all in one.

iBike Dash unites your iPhone 3G/3GS/4 or iPod Touch with the Phone Booth ™ and iBike ® app to create a truly transformational device.

The "smart" Phone Booth case houses patented electronics that interact with your iPhone or iPod Touch to send cycling signals to the iBike app. Through the iBike app that information is translated into an astounding display that completely reinvents the cycling experience.

All of the elements working together transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into the iBike Dash -- the ultimate cycling computer, or the iBike Dash + Power ™ -- the most amazing power meter you’ve ever experienced.

The Phone Booth is ready for the roads and the unexpected challenges that come with them! The lightweight (82g), weather-resistant Phone Booth easily mounts over your bike stem to provide a rugged-tough protective device that delivers both water and shock protection. With best-in-class capability, durability and reliability the Phone Booth is built to protect both your iPhone/iPod Touch and the patented iBike electronics inside of it.

Check out the app for free! The iBike app will be available to download for all iPhone and iPod Touch users – free! While you won't be able to actually ride with it without the Phone Booth you will be able to see how iBike has completely re-imagined the cycling experience.

Keep your iBike Dash running for hours using the lightweight, rechargeable spare battery 1 that fits perfectly in the iBike Phone Booth. Carry extra spare batteries and your ride can last 8 hours or more. We've even made it easy to change the spare battery during the ride, without losing any valuable ride data.

Taking full advantage of the latest technologies, the iBike Dash delivers your ride information on a large, easy-to-read while cycling, 3.5 inch, color-rich display. And a weather-sealed, anti-glare cover on the Phone Booth keeps your iPhone/iPod Touch dry while allowing full use (with or without cycling gloves) of all touch screen features!

You choose the information you want to see and how you want to see it. The customizable iBike Dash display allows you to combine numbers, maps, graphs, and colors to personalize your iBike Dash screens.

Want to look at your ride from another perspective? iBike Dash lets you flip back and forth between screens and important applications while you ride. Navigation is fast and easy and screens are easy to read at a glance so you can track your progress and keep your attention on the road.

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