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Bonk Breaker makes the best-tasting, freshest, and most nutritious energy and protein bars on the planet, offering a moist, 'fresh baked' taste like they were made in Mom's kitchen.

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Global Warming: Free economic cost for clean energy solutions

Maintaining a livable climate by reducing global warming pollutants with clean energy technologies and policies could be obtained at no additional cost according to a report by Global Commission on Economy and Climate. [quote]ambitious series of measures to limit emissions would cost $4 trillion ... Read More »

Are nuts not a good source of energy while riding?

I had a "bad" ride a couple of days ago. I started riding in March and have been slowly building my mileage and elevations over the last several weeks and went out on a 50 mile, 3000 ft ride that I had done 3 months ago. I expected to "kill" it since I have really been getting stronger, but it "kill ... Read More »

Whats the longest most energy efficient multirotor available?

I found one which flew about 97 minutes and 6 seconds. Here's the link to his thread: [url][/url] Quadcopter details: -Custom CF frame built from 12mm tubes and 1m~3mm CF plate. - RCTimer 17x5.5 CF Props - Turnigy Plush 12A ESC ... Read More »

"A Wireless Energy Harvesting Device to Scavenge Ambient Wireless Power

From TV and Cell Phone Signals" Ok, enginerd types. This looks legit. And very, very cool. [url=]A Wireless Energy Harvesting Device to ... Read More »

Significant energy depletion...Need some nutritional advice, please

Hello All, I'm currently riding about 30-50 miles regular and hope to be making my way up to my first century rides. Half-Centuries have proven to be successful for the few that I've done, thus far. I'm working on increasing my steady cadence, endurance during climbs, and over all endurance on long ... Read More »

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