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Delicious and nutritious the ever-popular Clif Bar comes in several flavors.

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Aero- bars

Today , for the TT, I saw one rider using aero-bars with standard drop down handle bars... Not all using the standard bars elected for the A-Bars.. Preference... My question is: During a regular stage, would aero-bars be legal? I would think that anyone that was in a Break would want this adva ... Read More »

clip on aero bars best setup

I am finding myself doing a lot of road ridding alone. I do not road race but do some mnt racing and adventure racing and plan to do my first triathlon (ironman distance). Because of this I bought a triathlon bike which I plan to sell after the event. What I noticed is how much faster I am on the ... Read More »

Campy bar end 11 speed shifters don't fit bars?

I am replacing the campy 10 bar end shifters on my TT bike with campy 11. I have an older set of Oval TT bars that are probably about 10 years, or more, old. They 10 speed shifters fit fine on the aero extension bars but my mechanic says the campy 11 are designed for a bigger diameter bar. I have ... Read More »

Most Talon 1K bars

For those of you that have the Dogma 65.1 and the talon bars. Is there still two threaded holes underneath the stem. I have a Dogma 65.1 that was built for the Lapina Grand fondo and my bars have the theaded inserts, but my friend seems to think that the newer models do not. Looking to get a u ... Read More »

New bars for a chrome pista?

I'm simply too old-ish and achey these days for the stock pista track/drop bars for my 15mile commute each way. Can anyone make a suggestion for a modification on riser bars and/or stem which might look cool/acceptable on my chrome pista? Additionally, I don't know measurements nor where to find ... Read More »

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