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Delicious and nutritious the ever-popular Clif Bar comes in several flavors.

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Cable groove in EA70 road bars

I just purchased an EA70 handlebar and I thought it was supposed to be grooved for cables. This one is not. Did Easton make a recent design change? I would prefer that the bar be grooved.Read More »

To add aero bars or not?

So i know i just got my bike, this week. I have standard drop bar. I want to add the aero extension bars, but are these overkill for somoeone who will be riding the bike outside saturday and sunday. I also do the stationary bike 60 mins (tues, weds, thurs). I am sort like ricky bobby, i just wan ... Read More »

pop-tarts vs cliff bars

[URL=""]pop-tarts[/URL] [URL=""]cliff bars[/URL] I was surprised by how similar t ... Read More »

Jones Loop bars in USAC Races

Hoping to do my first cross race since 2006 this weekend, the [URL=""]Westwood Velo[/URL] race in NY. It is a USA Cycling Race. Does anyone know if I will have regulation trouble using a bike with Jones Loop bars in the CA ... Read More »

Bars reaching for the stars ? ( opionion needed)

Too upward ? Felt comfortable at least for a quick spin around the house,I will test them on the road tomorrow. The drops feel a bit too far away but maybe I was used to my old bars,and I can reach levers anyway. It's just for a mere aesthetic thing question...:pRead More »

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