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Your kids eating up your gels and nutritionals? Give them these instead. Each "rope" contains a serving of fruit. Rope shape is easy and fun to eat Sold in box of 18...

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HS Nutrition Standards vs. Special Ed Kids

Here is a link to an article in the Baltimore Sun about a successful coffee stand run by special ed kids at a local high school that will have to stop selling coffee because of new nutritional standards for schools (no sugar, caffeine, etc.). [url= ... Read More »

this is what I'm going to miss when my kids are grown up

Explaining racing tires to my 9 year old: 9yo: Daddy why do you have those big tires? Me: They are softer and they stick better. 9yo: But wouldn't soft tires make you go all over the place? They should be super hard. Me: Ok, say you have a Jolly Rancher and a Tootsie Roll, and you set th ... Read More »

Teaching history: The kids are alright

Stories like this are why I have faith in "these kids today"; they're not as blindingly trusting as their forebearers, who were content to lap up whatever myths they were fed at skool like kittens with a saucer of cream. (As evidenced here in PO, some [I]still[/I] cling to those myths.) [url=http: ... Read More »

helping grieving kids heal

[url=]Oregon vs Wyoming Live Stream[/url]: The Family Program is tailored to children 5 to 17. Volunteers help them explore their feelings and learn healthy ways of coping throug ... Read More »

Raising kids in the nfl: Spare the rod, spoil the child, on 1!!!

Adrian Peterson has been indicted by a grand jury in Texas for causing injury to his child: "Adrian Peterson, a star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, has bee ... Read More »

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