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Enervit R2 is designed as a post-ride nutritional supplement to give back to your body what it lost in your efforts on the ride. Enervit R2 includes branch chain amino acids to help stabilize your muscles and accelerate muscle recovery. They also include carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen you'd normally store in your muscles and liver, but consumed in your efforts. And since you went ultra-hard, the processes which enabled you to make that last lap breakaway resulted in the formation of cell damaging free radicals. Enervit includes vitamins C and E to fight their effects. A blend of mineral salts also gives back electrolytes to restore the water balance in your cells.Enervit R2 accelerates your recovery after hard rides, beginning your preparation for tomorrow's ride today. It comes in Orange flavor and is sold in 50g packets. Each packet of granular R2 is easily dissolved in a water bottle for consumption.

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