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Gu Energy Gel Nutrition

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Product Description

GU Energy Gel is specifically formulated to energize your body during exercise. Using GU during your regular workouts will keep your mind alert and active, and your muscles going strong. GU gives the most concentrated form of immediate ener...

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Homemade Energy Gel

I'm trying to make my own energy gel, homemade with various simple sugars. Would I want a variety of glycemic indexes (i.e. 20, 60, 120) or a lot of high-glycemic index ingredients (i.e. multiple 100-140)? The variety I think makes sense b/c it would be a more complete package, but the high-GCI ... Read More »

Home brew energy gel ideas?

i have an energy gel flask, but no gel and a long ride tomorrow - lbs doesnt stock any bulk gels either...so, I'm thinking of making my own and would love to hear of some recipes that have worked.Read More »

Energy gel concerns

As I am now doing longer rides (longest, 4-1/2 hours- 70 miles) I know that I need to re-fuel during the ride. I have in the past used weight gainers when I was trying to put on pounds. The ones I've tried were very high in carbohydrates (for obvious reasons). The problem is that I think most of ... Read More »

Do you need the latest and greatest energy gel or bar?

Or is there something available for like a buck at the grocery store that is packed with the same nutrition for a fraction of the price? I have heard of people using gummy bears for supplemental energy while on the bike, they are cheap and easily available, and presumably even have some protein ... Read More »

oatmuscle for energy drink/gel?

[URL="http://proteinfactory.com/shop/product.php?productid=808&cat=2&page=1#tabs"]http://proteinfactory.com/shop/product.php?productid=808&cat=2&page=1#tabs[/URL] I found this today when poking around for homemade materials for energy drinks/gels. It sounds pretty interesting considering the built ... Read More »

Read More »


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