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Specifically formulated for workouts lasting 2 hours or more. Contains easily digestible complex carbohydrates soy protein and lipids. Also includes Tribasic Sodium Phosphate neutralizes excess lactic acid Chromium Polynicotinate speeds carbohydrate

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Combining Hammer Gel and Perpetuem Solids

Can you guys advise on best way to combine hammer gel and perpetuem solids on a ride of ~4-4.5 hours? I'm preparing for the Haleakala climb and wondering A) how much to eat B) how to combine these 2 (i.e. start with gel for first 1-2 hours and then switch to perpetuem solids or eat both together t ... Read More »

Hammer Perpetuem Solids - Anyone tried them?

In my most recent long race, Centurion WI, my bowels rebeled about 3.5 hours in. Got bloated and gassy. GU and Gatorade became intolerable. A Ginsting Honey Stinger kept me from bonking but being off my feed definately hurt. I think it was the Gatorade, (handed of at all the aid stations) that was t ... Read More »


I found this story in the ADN of a 92 mile run in 25 hours at Denali National Park using just Perpetuem - [url=http://www.adn.com/2011/07/31/1994515/runner-conquers-92-miles-of-denali.html]92 miles of Denali Park Road in 25 hours: Running | Alaska news at adn.com[/url] [url=http://www.extreme- ... Read More »

Perpetuem spoilage questions

I am well aware of the spoilage issue with Perpetuem but have been unable to search and find an answer to these specific questions. Does mixing Perpertuem into a batter or paste delay spoilage as compared to a multi-hour bottle mixd for 2 or 3 hours? Does a thicker concentration in a multi-hour ... Read More »

Polar Bottles and Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem

I am doing the RAIN ride - 160 miles across Indiana in mid-July. I would like to mix 4, 2-hour water bottles with Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem to carry on the bike so I will not have to bother with premeasured portions in plastic sandwich bags and mixing the contents on the ride. I would also like to ... Read More »

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