Honey Stinger Energy Gel Nutrition

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Honey Stinger energy gel is made from domestic honey, giving you a natural energy boost.  Available in gold or strawberry!...

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Homemade Energy Gel

I'm trying to make my own energy gel, homemade with various simple sugars. Would I want a variety of glycemic indexes (i.e. 20, 60, 120) or a lot of high-glycemic index ingredients (i.e. multiple 100-140)? The variety I think makes sense b/c it would be a more complete package, but the high-GCI ... Read More »

Home brew energy gel ideas?

i have an energy gel flask, but no gel and a long ride tomorrow - lbs doesnt stock any bulk gels either...so, I'm thinking of making my own and would love to hear of some recipes that have worked.Read More »

Energy gel concerns

As I am now doing longer rides (longest, 4-1/2 hours- 70 miles) I know that I need to re-fuel during the ride. I have in the past used weight gainers when I was trying to put on pounds. The ones I've tried were very high in carbohydrates (for obvious reasons). The problem is that I think most of ... Read More »

Do you need the latest and greatest energy gel or bar?

Or is there something available for like a buck at the grocery store that is packed with the same nutrition for a fraction of the price? I have heard of people using gummy bears for supplemental energy while on the bike, they are cheap and easily available, and presumably even have some protein ... Read More »

oatmuscle for energy drink/gel?

[URL="http://proteinfactory.com/shop/product.php?productid=808&cat=2&page=1#tabs"]http://proteinfactory.com/shop/product.php?productid=808&cat=2&page=1#tabs[/URL] I found this today when poking around for homemade materials for energy drinks/gels. It sounds pretty interesting considering the built ... Read More »

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