Honey Stinger Protein Nutrition

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Perfect for a recovery meal or healthy snack. Honey Stinger uses no trans fats or hydrogenated oils in the protein bar product. Non-gluten ingredients Designed for use after workout...

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Whey Protein Contains Metal

My cousin asked me to stop drinking. I feel this is not that dangerous to the level that it will do more harm than good. What do you think?Read More »

Starting the protein/water bottle mix. Few questions

Hey everyone. I started cycliing a little over a month ago and am addicted. I got a Specialized Roubaix so I could comfortably do long rides. Currently im about 25 lbs overweight and am trying hard to bring it down and noticing results. I've been using a camelbak in the absence of water bottles bu ... Read More »

Whey Protein concentrate vs isolate

This article got me thinking: [url=http://mikesmixrecoverydrink.com/whey-protein-concentrate-versus-isolate/]Whey Protein: Concentrate versus Isolate | Mike's Mix Recovery Drink[/url] What's your take? I'm not lactose intolerant but I haven't had milk in years.Read More »

Non-messy protein bar?

Can anyone suggest to me a protein bar that won't become a sticky chocolate mess when it's hot? Every bar I've tried so far has some kind of chocolate coating that liquefies in the heat.Read More »

Home Made Oatmeal Protein Bars

I just wanted to share this with you guys. I made them and they're actually really good. I don't know if they're the healthiest but I'd make em again. [video=youtube;Dv-LcIC5gtc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv-LcIC5gtc[/video]Read More »

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