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latest aquisition of nutrition info!

hey all, i recently heard of raspberry ketones, supposedly aiding weight loss and weight management, in combination of proper diet and exercise. anyone heard of this? Try this? what were your results, i too am a fan of losing weight the traditional way, just hard work...but i am really struggling wi ... Read More »

Nutrition during a ride

I've been on the Gatorade bandwagon for many years, mainly because that's what I grew up drinking during soccer games. As I've done more races I've noticed that there is so much more options. I've tried Heed, Hammer Strength stuff before and enjoyed them. Any good suggestions on what I should tr ... Read More »

video: Armstrong criticizes Froome's nutrition

Did anyone else catch Armstrong mention Froome at today's RAGBRAI press conference? [ATTACH=CONFIG]284652[/ATTACH] .Read More »

Basic exercise nutrition question.

I just can't find the info that I need. Maybe you guys & gals into exercise nutrition can help. Question - does 1 gram of glucose = 1 gram of carbohydrate? I'm going &%$#@ nuts trying to find that answer. 2nd question - do any of you mix your own energy replacement fluids? I mix mine using ... Read More »

Infinit nutrition alternatives please...

So because of a few complications, I can't order Infinit nutrition from my country anymore. With the Europe store closing down and the US and CAN stores not taking orders from Ireland, it makes it difficult to continue using (I had been a faithful user for about three years now). I will also say ... Read More »

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