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If you're looking to squeeze just a little extra out of your workouts, give Powerbar's High Intensity Beta Alanine a try. Beta Alanine buffers the lactic acid that your muscles create under stress, and helps to reduce muscle burn and overall fatigue.

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What % of your mileage is high intensity?

Of course this will very depending on your modus operandi: power traing, HR, LT....whatever your path. I have not used a cycling computer in 20 + years nor do I plan on it, but do use an HRM. Curious how much time you spend trying to close the gap b/t your LT and VO2. I'm just back to my roadi ... Read More »

High intensity, Conconi test and Ross books

In my 2nd year of racing, vet level, 42years, New Zealand (summer here) I have small kids, and I work, as with most of us my training time is limited and involves commuting then racing on Saturdays (150-250km/week). Found the Ross book Maximum performance for cyclists. His approach is to determin ... Read More »

High-Intensity Training for Cyclists - Arnie Baker

Thinking of downloading this book [url]http://www.arniebakercycling.com/books/b_hit.htm[/url] Has anyone read it and what do you think.Read More »

Ross book and high intensity intervals

Michael J. Ross’ book “Maximum Performance for Cyclists” outlines an intriguing plan for high intensity intervals. First, he has you conduct a “modified Conconi test” by starting at 60 watts and increasing by 10 watts every minute until you can no longer hold the wattage. The highest power out ... Read More »

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