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The ProBar Core Protein Bar 12-Pack sends a healthy helping of protein in your system to assuage hunger and load your body up with the nutrients it needs. Whether you need a hardy replenishment after training sessions or a something to keep you on your feet eight miles into a twelve-mile hike,...

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EDUCATION: Fighting Common Core standards

Louisiana Republicans staged a courageous battle against continued implementation of the Statist Common Core Initiative, but in the end were narrowly defeated by a coalition of Democrats and RINOs: [QUOTE]It’s not a curriculum and it doesn’t tell teachers how to teach or how to run their classrooms ... Read More »

Sequestration - was core FAQ's/now core polling

Sequestration, yet the latest in a series of high stakes showdowns between the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government, is certain to dominate headline (and maybe even this forum) in the coming days. To establish some basic understanding, these are the core issues/facts as I see ... Read More »

Professional Fit vs Core Strength vs Lower Back Pain

Long time biker, few year single track mountain biker. Summer 2012 was my first year with a road bike (BMC). Looking to do everything from centuries to crits to racing....IF AND WHEN I can solve this lower back pain issue. After about an hour on the road bike, my lower back kills and I have to he ... Read More »

Core strength - Hip Flexors

It's obvious that core strength plays an important role is being a stronger, more efficient, less prone to injury rider. I'm a physical education teacher so my days are pretty active. I've also always tried to maintain some type of daily workout routine including weights and cardio. I always thou ... Read More »

Core Strengthening is working

I'm 59 and have a BMI of about 23.5 on a muscular build so I'm decently lean. I ride 10-16 hours per week year round, more in the summer. I mix long rides with intervals. I have a high fibre-low fat diet (usually). I have always had a curve in my lower back and a little bulge in my stomach. I hav ... Read More »

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