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The ProBar Core Protein Bar 12-Pack sends a healthy helping of protein in your system to assuage hunger and load your body up with the nutrients it needs. Whether you need a hardy replenishment after training sessions or a something to keep you on your feet eight miles into a twelve-mile hike,...

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B&M Ixon Core

Does anyone own one of these? I'm wondering, at night, if the side view of it is quite visible to motorists at an intersection. Or any suggestions for a headlight with a wide beam spread.Read More »

8 Core Exercises for Cyclists

Your bulging quads and razor-cut calves are the envy of your pack, and you start every ride strong. As the ride progresses, though, your hips seesaw in the saddle, your lower back aches, and you slow in corners. The problem? Your core cries uncle long before your legs wear out. Although a cyclist's ... Read More »

Opposition to Common Core: another vast right wing conspiracy

The Southern Paranoia Law Center has outdone itself this time. Apparently, those who oppose Common Core do so because they consider it a plan to indoctrinate children, and their opposition is really about destroying public education. Yeah, it certainly can't be because the whole program sucks, ... Read More »

Core shot. ski/snowboard repair

I've been riding my 168 Ride Timeless for 5+ years now. Last year on a ski vacation with the in-laws I rented a shorter snowboard and liked the improved handling of a shorter stick. It was shockingly quicker edge to edge and just all around more playful, especially at slow speeds. I hit eBay to fin ... Read More »

EDUCATION: Fighting Common Core standards

Louisiana Republicans staged a courageous battle against continued implementation of the Statist Common Core Initiative, but in the end were narrowly defeated by a coalition of Democrats and RINOs: [QUOTE]It’s not a curriculum and it doesn’t tell teachers how to teach or how to run their classrooms ... Read More »

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