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The ProBar Fuel Bar 12-Pack uses chunky, hearty, and healthy ingredients to satisfy your hunger and bring some joy to your tastebuds. Throw one (or a few) of these nut-rich bars in your pack and stay energized, fulfilled, and powered up.

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Asset Seizures Fuel Police Spending - On A Clown Named Sparkles

[url=]Asset seizures fuel police spending | The Washington Post[/url] [IMG] ... Read More »

fuel for long rides - bonk buster :(

I like cliff shot blocks, stinger waffles, cheese and crackers and I drink water with nuun tablets. I recently bought a case of peanut butter and banana bonk busters and they made me feel like I had 10 candy bars in my stomach. Nothing I eat bothers me but this was pretty disgusting. anyone use the ... Read More »

Endurance Fuel Suggestions

I'm looking for a good endurance fuel to use for my 5-6 hour rides. It would be really helpful if you can give answers to some or all of the questions below. 1. What endurance fuel do you currently use? 2. Why do you choose it over other products? 3. Is there anything you dislike or think can be ... Read More »

Fuel my cycling dream - First Endurance Nutrition

Dear Fellow Cyclists, We all know how expensive bike racing (or any form of cycling) can be - I'm 22 and trying to become a professional cyclist, currently a Cat 1 rider. In midst of all the training/traveling/working/racing, I've come to realize that asking is a powerful tool and there are ... Read More »

Olive oil for fuel during a race?

Joe Friel speaks of consuming olive oil while training in place of a high carb diet. He says studies have shown a significant advantage to consuming it. But how about while racing... to use as fuel?Read More »

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