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Salt Stick provides your body with a balanced supply of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Salt Stick minimizes muscle cramping, heat stress, and fatigue. There is also 30mg of caffeine for increased energy and alertness. To aid ...

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RS81 front hub caps

My friend has a brand new RS81 c24 front wheel, which is a Wh-6800 hub. The 2 hub caps are not identical: [LIST=1] [*]one cap has tabs the clips on the hub, so it turns with the wheel. [*]other cap has no tabs and fits very tightly on the hub nut so it doesn't turn with the wheel. As the wheel t ... Read More »

Specialized compression caps

Are there any special requirements for Specialized compression caps? I seem to remember the fork can't extend past the stem.Read More »

Why are cycling caps cotton?

So we spend a fortune on high tech cycling gear but cycling caps are cotton. What's up with that? Other than Pearl and Walz I can't find other caps that are made of something that won't just get wet and hold on to sweat.Read More »

Are valve cover caps necessary?

Can one ride safely without valve cover caps.? Do the pros use them?Read More »

Mirror made out of recycled bottle caps and spokes

During this morning first official club group ride, I noticed one of the female rider with a bottle cap for a rear view mirror. I used it as a conversation piece to talk to her. Turns out a guy here in Illinois hand crafted them. I plan to get one and thought I share it with other cyclists since ... Read More »

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