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Isometric and Power Meters

Hi Guys I am looking to add a Quark RIKEN to my Cevelo R5 the issue I may have is that I am using an Isometric Chain ring. Is a crank mounted PM compatible when using an Iso chain ring has anyone tried this setup? If so any tips? I did look at the Keo Power but as I have a Garmin and Speedpl ... Read More »

Bottom Brackets crank lengths and power meters can you help...

Currently I have bike with SM-BB6700 BC 1.37x24 (English Thread?) and Ultegra 6700 crank in it. I’m planning to get Ultegra 6700 Madone with BB90 I would love to finally get power meter and was looking at Quark Elsa or Cinqo. I have few questions: 1. What would be the best BB combinatio ... Read More »

Power meters and BB compatibility

Hi, I'm very interested in getting a power meter. Perhaps a used SRM or a Power2Max unit. However, I'm quite new to changing cranks and BB in general. What options do I have when I want to put a PM on my bike which is currently fitted with a Press fit GXP and SRAM Force cranks? To be honest, ... Read More »

power meters

I think the benchmark in power meters is the SRM, probably the best, Power tap, cycle ops, etc, must be a close second. Sadly I lack the funds to be able to consider purchasing one of these, SRM in New Zealand is approximately $7,000, so I am interested in knowing if any one has used the new Vecto ... Read More »

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