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Our Stages Power meter is the singular product that will bring power measurement and training to the masses. Stages Power has an impressive range of adaptation over the industry's aluminum crank models. This range puts power meters within the reach of every performance minded rider, from road, to triathlon, to mountain bike (including downhill), to BMX and track. It's a simple solution is tailor made for Shimano's entire performance range, as well as SRAM's aluminum Rival and X9 models. For BB30 riders, we offer SRAM’s X9 mountain model and we’ve brought on Cannondale's new Hollowgram SI SL crank set, as well as their more economical 3D forged Hollowgram SI crank, both of which are new for 2013.

Stages Cycling Power Meter Pro Review

In a nutshell, it’s a power measuring device manufactured in Colorado that’s affixed to the inside of a bike’s non-drive side crank arm, and uses strain gages to determine power output by measuring deflection (aka extremely subtle microscopic bending) of said crank under load. Each strain gage is specifically calibrated to the crank it’s mounted on. The unit takes 64 discrete measures per second, which is far more than necessary for road riding, but could have interesting applications in the track, BMX and even downhill mountain biking world where rapid acceleration is key to success. Continue reading →

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