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Just In: JetBlack Z1 Fluid Trainer

Right in time for the indoor season, Jet Black is here with a few trainer options. This JB Z1 is compact, stable and quiet.   Read More »

USA Pro Challenge: Van Garderen wins TT, Grows Lead

In an uphill battle to the finish, stage 5’s Vail time trial saw BMC’s Tejay van Garderen (USA) cross the line with the fastest time, taking home the stage win and solidifying his hold on the overall lead.    Read More »

How To: Top 10 Post Ride Rituals

You’ve just finished a hard 3-hour training ride. Now what? Though your first inclination may be to go pass out on the couch in front of the TV (which isn’t a bad idea), there are a few other important things to tick off your post-ride ritual list before grabbing a little shut eye.   Read More »

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Need special tires for rollers?

Going to sell my trainer and pick up a set of rollers. Do you need trainer tires like on trainer for rollers? I had rollers years ago and never heard training tires or had issues with regular road tires my rollers.Read More »

Rode my new rollers

Well, used rollers actually. Picked them up today. It took about 10 minutes or so to get to riding them without holding onto the wall. That first time removing my left hand away from the wall and onto the bars was a leap of faith, but it just kind of flowed from there. I rode fairly fluidly for a ... Read More »

About rollers

Regarding rollers…so I switched from a stationary resistance trainer to rollers about a month ago and I have come to some conclusions. At this point I have about 18 or so hours on them and am reasonably comfortable now. Unlike a stationary trainer the mind numbing boredom is gone. MOSTLY because you ... Read More »

Just how well can you balance on rollers ?

Calling all internet tough guys and girls. Since most of us have no problem sprinting at over 70kph or riding at 45+ averages over 5 hour rides, this should be a walk in the park. Hard mode(Sven Nys): [url=http://telly.com/2EFFVL]Check this! @sven_nys 'picking... - Telly Video[/url] Harder (Si ... Read More »

homebrew rollers?

I have seen a few homemade rollers scattered on the internet, and while many look simple - the feat of attaining a perfect center to the press-fit bearings seems difficult to say the least. Most of the tutorials are usually followed up with numerous retorts of why not just by a cheap set of facto ... Read More »

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