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Features and Information Rollers Extra-wide bi-fold design is stable yet stores easily, comes fully assembled Belt is adjustable for right or left dismount Ad...

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Extremely Fast Tire Wear on Rollers

Recently switched from a trainer to rollers. Seems like my rear tire is wearing exponentially faster than it did on the trainer. The bike is a dedicated trainer bike (old Walmart road bike) with a trainer tire. The red coloring is almost off the tire and the side is showing cracks. I got t ... Read More »

Climbing Drills with Rollers

Does anyone have advise on simulating climbing drills with rollers? I'd like to work on my climbing skills but have major time constraints during the weekdays. Thanks for your advise.Read More »

Inconsistent power numbers: road, trainer, rollers

I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting inconsistent power measurements depending on which equipment I ride. Here's a simplified description: let's say I can hold 240W for 20m when riding outside using bike 1 (with power meter (PM) 1). Riding bike 2 (with PM 2) outside I get pretty much the same ... Read More »

Will booze make me like riding on rollers

If I have a couple beers before I hit the rollers, am I gonna burn the calories off as I ride?Read More »

WTF Rollers

I recently took advantage of birthday cash and a Nashbar 20% coupon and ordered some rollers. I didn't expect them to be easy, but damn they are tricky. I keep on feeling like I'm rocking forward and backward (I guess that means I'm mashing). Tell me I'll get used to this soon...Read More »

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