Kreitler Headwind Fan Rollers

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Product Description

Mimics what you get when you ride on the road - simulated air resistance. Adds-on to Kreiter rollers (not included) Adjustable inlet allows variable resistance, allowing you to simulate a range of conditions from 2MPH tailwind...

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Kreitler Headwind Fan on Tacx Roller?

Is it possible to connect a Kreitler headwind fan to Tacx rollers (Eco Track is the model I have)? Anyone running such a combination? Or is there an alternative -- not an electric fan... after all the (small amount) of power that I'm generating could be used for something useful?Read More »

Travel Trac Alloy Rollers and Kreiter Headwind Fan?

Does anyone know if the Kreiter headwind fan will work with the Travel Trac alloy rollers? They have a groove where you can attach the belt.Read More »

Kreitler Killer headwind fan

I have a set of Kreitler rollers, 4 1/2 inch drum diameter. I want more resistance. Currently, I let air pressure out of my tires (old wheels) for more resistance. Has anyone used one of these, and if so, how does it perform? Is it worth the money?Read More »

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