Kreitler Hot Dog Rollers

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Kreitler 3.0 Hot Dog Rollers

Kreitler designs top of the line rollers that will help you develop better balance and technique, increase your cadence, and improve your power.

Hot Dog drums are desirable for expert roller riders who want an additional challenge or maximum portability from their rollers. Standard Kreitler drums are 15

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‘Hot Dog Hooker’ Delivers 6-Minute ‘I’m Sexy’ Rant To Reporters"

Says She'll Be Back In Her Bikini Selling Hot Dogs Wednesday [url=]Alleged 'Hot Dog Hooker' Catherine Scalia Gives Reporters Quite A Show Outside Nassau County Jail « CBS New York[/ ... Read More »

Kreitler Hot Dog Rollers

Has anyone ever purchased the Hot Dog version and regretted it? Where is the best (cheapest) place to buy Kreitlers?Read More »

Attn: Hot Dog Peoples>>>

Best. Site. Ever. [url][/url]Read More »

i'm eating a hot dog (not c0d3). here's what's on it...

hot nacho cheese dip hot picante dip jalapenos diced onions (pic attached) earlier this evening i ate: cheese party ball (some) sour cream & onion dip tortilla chips soy protein chips teriyaki chicken fingers three bowls of chili (shredded cheddar/monterey, sour cream, jalapenos, on ... Read More »

Another Hot Dog Eats the Wienie

It seems Wolfowitz will quit. Another of Bush's gang of known nere' do wells is exposed. Unfortunately there're many more where "good faith Paul" came from, so hopefully Bush will be prevented from suggesting a replacement crony.Read More »

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