Kreitler Roller Belt Rollers

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Replacement belt for Kreitler brand rollers....

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Roller belt joint anyone?

Has anyone shortened and joined the ends of a roller belt? If so what did you use?Read More »

Nashbar roller belt

I have a set of Nashbar rollers and the belt broke. Does anyone know what size belt they use? There appear to be two belt sizes available at most online shops. These are the pvc 3.5" rollers if that helps any.Read More »

need roller belt

broke another roller belt - can't remember where i bought it - suggestions? -steveRead More »

Question about replacment roller belt

I have to get a new belt for my rollers. I am wondering if there is any difference between the Krietler belt that is around $20 vs the generic $10 one?. Thanks.Read More »

Roller - replacement belt

I have an antique rollers made out of mahagony. The belt broke last year, and I am not sure where to find a replacement belt. I ran a tape to measure the length required, and it is 82" long. Kreitler Rollers seem very close to my Rollers in sizes, but their replacement belt is 72" long. Do ... Read More »

Read More »



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