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Roundup: Best Indoor Bicycle Trainers

Most cyclists loathe the indoor trainer. It’s unnatural. It lacks the pure visceral feeling we get when we’re out on the open road pushing ourselves to the limit, whether it be on a climb or trying for our fastest time on a particular stretch of pavement. Once you get into the benefits of cycling th ...    Read More »

Review: Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR trainer grabs the boring old bike trainer and thrusts it into the tech world with social, virtual and viral features. At its core though, it feels like riding a bicycle.   Read More »

Just In: JetBlack Z1 Fluid Trainer

Right in time for the indoor season, Jet Black is here with a few trainer options. This JB Z1 is compact, stable and quiet.   Read More »

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Info on "budget" magnetic trainers

I used to have a wind trainer that I used and never gave me any problems, but ended up misplacing it (think I left it at a race). Anyways, all the trainers by CycleOps are way too expensive for me and so I looked at ebay and found that there are magnetic trainers with 3-5 levels of resistance for ar ... Read More »

perhaps obvious question on bike trainers

Hey folks, So I looked around for a bit, but didn't see any questions like this, so figured I'd pose it. I recently got back into biking, and while I'd for the most part like to get out and ride, sometimes my time or schedule makes it a bit more limited. So I'm road riding with a recently replaced ... Read More »

Anybody get flats on trainers? Help needed please

I get flats w some regularity on my trainer bike. I have an old five speed frame with a 1980's Wolber rear wheel. I've checked everything, the rim, tires, etc. I have the mag trainer roller resting gently on the rear tire. Everything seems ok, yet flats have become a fact of life. Anybody have ... Read More »

Trainers with power readings and virtual workouts

I have gone through all the current posts in this forum and am a bit surprised to see no discussion of the many new products out there competing with the RacerMate Computrainer. Among others, I am talking about the Cyclops Powerbeam Pro, the Tacx Bushido, and the Lemond Revolution. I just hired a co ... Read More »

20% off on Cycleops and Kurt Trainers @ WesternBikeWorks

Just got this to my email inbox, excludes the Kurt Rock & Roll trainer: [url]http://www.westernbikeworks.com/search?so=p&kw1=cyop12&ecn=2bf1773b7714462709acf28673e80759&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Customer+Newsletter&utm_campaign=111912cyop12[/url]Read More »

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