CycleOps Trainer Mat Trainers

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Product Description

The CycleOps Training Mat is a heavy duty rubber mat for providing a non-slip surface for your training session. Absorbs vibration as well as protects the floor from sweat.

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Bike Trainer Mat

Hey all, I just got a new Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and I need a mat to put under it to catch sweat and protect the floor. I would prefer not to buy the $60 Kurt Kinetic Branded mat, do y'all have any recommendations for a cheaper mat that will accomplish the same thing? Also, are those sweat ... Read More »

Trainer Mat cheaper alternatives?

i was looking at the performance bike site for a mat for the trainer, what are you guys using did you go out and buy one specifically for this use? Or did you find something used in another field that served the same purpose and at a cheaper price. The mat sold by performance is $29Read More »

Trainer Mat

Anyone use a Trainer mat? Are they worth the 40~50ish price tag? Are all trainer mats same or thicker the better? I use a floor mat now but it doesn't prevent sweat from soaking in nor does it reduce vibration or noise. "Thickest" (?) 14mm thick mat $39.99: [url=" ... Read More »

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