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Elite RealAxiom Wired Trainer

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Elite Realaxiom CT trainer opinions?

Hey everyone, I am seriously considering buying an Elite Realaxiom CT trainer and can't find reviews on it. T'his is a big, important purchase for me. Your views on this trainer, positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated. One concern I have is whether my five-year-old Dell lapto ... Read More »

Realaxiom Traveltrac Trainers?

Anyone use one of these, the ones that Nashbar sells? How well do they work? Are they compatible with the newer Elite brand course DVD's, or do you have to purchase an upgrade? And can you program in courses manually, like on a Computrainer?? Thanks!Read More »

Has anyone used a RealAxiom trainer?

Here is the link from the evil empire: [url]http://www.performancebike.com/shop/profile.cfm?SKU=23636&subcategory_ID=4120[/url] I'm really tempted to sell one of my bikes to finance this. I've found that I have not a lot of time to ride outside anymore and and I'm kind of burned out on Spiner ... Read More »

Performance Travel Trac RealAxiom trainer - feedback

Does anybody have any recent experience with the Performance Travel Trac RealAxiom trainer - good or bad? I'm concerned about how well the software works.Read More »

Computrainer vs Realaxiom vs other trainers

I know there has been a lot of questions and answers on this topic recently and I have read them all, searched the archives etc but I still have questions. I presently use a 1upusa trainer and although generally happy with it, I am looking for another solution. (My major beef with it is the tire ... Read More »

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