Kreitler Flywheel Trainers

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The Kreitler Fly Wheel adds resistance and rotating mass to your Kreitler Rollers, giving your workout a more road-like feel. It maintains the roller's momentum when you stop pedaling so the training station simulates a real road ride more, not slowing down as much as the rollers do when the fly wheel isn't attached. For added resistance, get a left and right flywheel.

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Cycle-Ops Flywheel Weight and Cycle-Ops vs Giant Trainer

I was wondering if anyone here knows how much the flywheel on the CycleOps Mag+ Trainer weighs? I'm going back and forth between the Giant Mag Trainer and the CycleOps Mag+ Trainer and have a hard time deciding. They are both within $10 of one another, and both have the remote adjuster switch. ... Read More »

Kurt Kinetic Pro Flywheel?

I just got the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll and I'm really impressed with how smooth the resistance is. Compared to my old Minoura it's amazing.. Add the rocking motion and slight vertical compliance in and I'm happy as hell with the trainer. I did not get the pro flywheel but I'm curious what others ... Read More »

Which size flywheel Recommended for Strength Training

I want to increase muscle strength around my knees. Is it better to have a lighter (12kg) or heavier (30kg) flywheel on a spin bike for this purpose? Ago VeloxRead More »

Kurt Kinetic Road vs Pro flywheel

Looking at the Rock n Roll -- $80 more for the Pro (12 lb) flywheel. Anyone use both and have a compelling argument for spending more? Anyone with the road version with they had spent the $$ and gotten the Pro? Thanks!Read More »

Rollers?? 3-in drum, flywheel or headwind

I have Kreitler 4.5 rollers. They are quite easy to "spin out" in a 53 x 12. The next step is what?? What advantages do 3 inch drums vs. the headwind vs. the flywheel have for increased resistance? Would any one be better over the other? I've heard the headwind attachment is good but very nois ... Read More »

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