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Rim-drive trainer and Carbon wheels?

I am currently using my rim drive trainer on my alloy wheels and am planning to upgrade to a pair of carbon wheels soon. Would like to know if anyone here has used rim drive trainers on their carbon wheels? I'm wondering if it would damage the sidewalls of the carbon wheels.Read More »

Minoura Rim Drive trainer for CX warmups?

I am in the market for a new race day trainer. Would love to stop taking a spare slick tire rear wheel to races (already bring too much stuff). Has any one used the Minoura rim drive trainer? Feedback on it? Seems like a good solution to avoid wheel chnage out in the scramble before lineup.Read More »

Minoura rim-drive: perfect cross trainer?

I'm getting sick of switching off my knobbies to use my stationary trainer (long story, but I don't have an extra rear wheel for my cx bike right now. longer story: I need to do some training indoors right now ...). Seems like the rim-drive would be just the ticket - also especially for pre-race ... Read More »

Trainer - Rim drive Vs. Tyre drive

Guys, just got into roadbike and undecided on a trainer. Can you help to advise which one is better? I have heard that tyre drive will wear out our tyres, What about rim drive, will it wear out the sidewall of the rim? Thanks and Happy HolidaysRead More »

rim drive trainers?

Was wondering if anyone had any experience to share with a rim drive trainer like the Minoura E-Hyper Rim or Powermatic? I'm looking to get a trainer this winter but will only be using it to supplement my regular rides. Here in NorCal it rarely gets too nasty to ride outside, but I want something ... Read More »

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