Minoura Riser Block Trainers

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Product Description

Simple device to make your training more enjoyable. The Mag Riser levels out the bike's front end. Fits 26" and 27"/700C wheels. The most compact riser block on the market. Size: 200x103x60 mm

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Trainer Riser Block ... CycleOps vs Kinetic vs other?

My wife is "surprising" me w/ a KK Road Machine trainer. Any suggetion on best riser block out there? Is one needed? Thanks,Read More »

CycleOps riser block and 0*?

Just realized I have been riding on ~2* incline. This in and of itself is no big deal, but since I have been tweaking a new saddle I found 'wow when I get on the trainer the nose of my saddle is really up'. Being the rocket scientist that I am;) I figured out with all the 6 potential positions of ... Read More »

Read More »



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