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Info on "budget" magnetic trainers

I used to have a wind trainer that I used and never gave me any problems, but ended up misplacing it (think I left it at a race). Anyways, all the trainers by CycleOps are way too expensive for me and so I looked at ebay and found that there are magnetic trainers with 3-5 levels of resistance for ar ... Read More »

perhaps obvious question on bike trainers

Hey folks, So I looked around for a bit, but didn't see any questions like this, so figured I'd pose it. I recently got back into biking, and while I'd for the most part like to get out and ride, sometimes my time or schedule makes it a bit more limited. So I'm road riding with a recently replaced ... Read More »

Anybody get flats on trainers? Help needed please

I get flats w some regularity on my trainer bike. I have an old five speed frame with a 1980's Wolber rear wheel. I've checked everything, the rim, tires, etc. I have the mag trainer roller resting gently on the rear tire. Everything seems ok, yet flats have become a fact of life. Anybody have ... Read More »

Trainers with power readings and virtual workouts

I have gone through all the current posts in this forum and am a bit surprised to see no discussion of the many new products out there competing with the RacerMate Computrainer. Among others, I am talking about the Cyclops Powerbeam Pro, the Tacx Bushido, and the Lemond Revolution. I just hired a co ... Read More »

20% off on Cycleops and Kurt Trainers @ WesternBikeWorks

Just got this to my email inbox, excludes the Kurt Rock & Roll trainer: [url]http://www.westernbikeworks.com/search?so=p&kw1=cyop12&ecn=2bf1773b7714462709acf28673e80759&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Customer+Newsletter&utm_campaign=111912cyop12[/url]Read More »

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