Tacx Bushido Trainers

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The Tacx Bushido is the trainer of choice for pros around the world who expect the best from their trainers. The Bushido is the world's first completely wireless ergotrainer so you can use it anywhere you want, indoors, outdoors or racesid...

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Tacx Vortex vs Bushido vs Fortius

So the Giro d'Italia is running high, and have the feeling that I MUST go conquer some mountains straight away! unfortunately the nearest mountains are over 2000 km away! So I decided that I need to buy a VR Trainer! It will be either The Vortex, The Bushido or The Fortius. I have some con ... Read More »

Tacx Bushido

My New Toy, My Home Trainer!!!Read More »

Is Bike24.com/Bike24.net trustworthy ? Looking for Tacx Bushido.

Hi, I'm looking for a Tacx Bushido and it seems like the best deal available for a Canadian customer is from bike24.com/bike24.net (are they the same company ?) from Germany. Are they trustworthy ? Anyone has good/bad experience with them ? Please advice. All in all, after removing VAT and ... Read More »

Training on a Tacx Bushido Wireless Ergotrainer

I saw the Saxo Team warming up on them during the TT stage and it caught my attention. Is anyone training on this unit this Winter? Our Club got a deal on them from our LBS. I have been using it for over 2 weeks now and have to say that its a pretty amazing machine. No wires. No plug. Nothing to ... Read More »

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