Chris King R45 Front Hubs

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Chris King R45 Lightweight Road Racing Rear Hub Chirs King's R45 hubs are lightweight and feature a jewel like finish. Their beauty is not only skin deep as these hubs have over 100 professional and elite victories in just 2 years. The...

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chris king r45 front hub clicking sound

this may need to be moved to the components/wrenching section. if so, i apologize. i know there's a lot of builders in this section as well so i thought maybe they could help. i recently purchased a set of wheels built up with chris king r45 hubs. they're rolling great and i'm very happy with ... Read More »

Chis King Classic rear hub and R45 front hub OK for a wheelset?

I have a Chris King Classic 28 hole rear hub to use for a wheelset build. I have two choices for a front hub. I could use a front Classic hub but it would have to be 28 spoke which is as low as the Classic goes. I would like s 24 spoke front making the wheelset 24/28. I could go with Kings R45 front ... Read More »

Chris King R45 vs. WI H2--Front Hubs

Hello, I'm trying to find a good match for my rear powertap pro+ wheel. I've narrowed it down to these two front hubs (in silver). Maybe the front hub isn't necessarily as important as the rear hub, but I'm just curious if anyone has any input. They're around the same weight, but what about in term ... Read More »

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