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Match your PowerTap G3 or Pro power meter hub with the CycleOps Front Hub to give your bike a more finished look. Your bike will look better. You will feel happier. The world will be a better place.For years, CycleOps had a problem. Not only was their power meter hiding underneath a uniquely bulky rear hub, but the hub didn't match any front hub on the market. Cyclists pretend not to be a vain lot, but woe is the rider who dares riding mismatched wheels on the Sunday parade/hammerfest. So CycleOps did the smart thing and designed a front hub that matched their power meter rear hubs. Originally, it had carbon-fiber windows to match the aesthetic of their rear hubs with the same graphic treatment. Now that they've evolved from the windows, the front hub has as well. The new hub lost 27g in weight and got a new 10mm diameter axle, replacing the previous 9mm axle. It's both lighter and stiffer -- a cool trick.The hub shell is aluminum with an aluminum axle that runs on 6901 sealed bearing cartridges. The flanges are drilled for 20, 24, 28, or 32 spokes. The spoke holes are 2.5mm in diameter, so just about all conventional j-bend spokes will fit. The spoke holes are not slotted, nor is slotting recommended. The hub can be built into a wheel with either radial or crossed spokes. For home wheel builders, the measurements are as follows: hub center-to-flange distance is 34.4mm on both sides and the flange diameter is 38mm.The CycleOps Front Hub may have 'power' written on it, but it neither takes nor transmits power readings. It comes in Black to match the new G3 and Pro rear hubs. Please Note: It does not include a quick release skewer.

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