DT Swiss 240 Rear Hubs

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Product Description

These super lightweight hubs, famous for their unique ratcheting system, use a stainless steel quad-bearing system offering superb performance and durability.

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slight amount of play in the Hugi DT 240 rear hub

i've looked around and cant find much information on how to adjust this hub to tighten it a bit. when clamped down in the rear dropouts there is a slight amount of side-to-side play in the wheel. anybody know how to do this?Read More »

slight amount of play in the Hugi DT 240 rear hub

went to the wheels and tires forum [url=http://forums.roadbikereview.com/wheels-tires/slight-amount-play-hugi-dt-240-rear-hub-328930-post4684157.html#post4684157]slight amount of play in the Hugi DT 240 rear hub[/url]Read More »

Noisy DT 240 rear hub

My DT 240 rear hub makes a lot of noise. The pawls make a loud clicking noise when coasting. Is there any way to make the hub quieter?Read More »

Issue with older Hugi 240 rear hub

the hub is from the mid 2000s and ever since i got it, its had more friction than any other rear hub i've ridden on. such that when i have the bike up on a stand and rotate the cranks backwards, the rear wheel starts spinning backwards. or if i'm riding and release from the pedals, the cranks will ... Read More »

DT 240 rear hub - spacer required?

Is a spacer required between a Shimano/SRAM 10-speed cassette and the DT240 freewheel hub? I had a wheelset built up a few months back and the wheelbuilder didn't include a spacer between the cassette and freewheel. Just recently I brought the bike into a different shop and this second mechanic cl ... Read More »

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