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Griffin Track Hub Hubs

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Product Description

Fixed gear simplicity and function for the track or the street at only 180 grams. Full diameter clamp bolts combined with a large 21mm drive side contact point insures this hub will not pull under heavy load. The large 17mm axle is stiff and helps align the precision fully sealed stainless steel cartridge bearings.

  • Discipline: track or road
  • Bearings: 6803 C3 sealed stainless steel
  • Drilling: 32 hole, lock ring included
  • Spacing: 120mm
  • Color: black
  • Spoke Circle Diameter: 66mm
  • *C-T-O Left Flange: 37.20mm
  • *C-T-O Right Flange: 32.70mm
  • Bolt-On: steel bolts included
  • Weight: 180 grams
    (*Center To Outside)

    Options: ceramic bearings

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    Hub gear on track frame

    I have been riding a single-speed for a couple of years to get around town, but I find it accelerates too slowly. One day the mad professor in me thought 'Why not put a geared hub in?' That way I have (almost) zero maintenance along with a super fast frame. Any thoughts? Am I just being ridicu ... Read More »

    Track Wheel front hub

    Hello Im thinking of building up a front wheel for track riding on a closed Velodrome 250m And i want some input on Hub selection for the front wheel? Now im looking at a Dura Ace front hub 28 or a 32 hole. But im wondering if there are any other hubs that i should consider before committing? ... Read More »

    Brotures Platon Fixed/Free Convertable Track Hub

    Anyone know anything about these? [url]http://zlogblog.com/2011/01/first-look-brotures-platon-fixedfree-convertable-track-hub/[/url] BROTURES FIX/FREE CONVERTIBLE TRACK HUB "PLATON HUB" from jahlife on Vimeo.Read More »

    radial lacing shimano LF track front hub

    anyone done this? pretty sure shimano only recommend radial lacing on the high flange hub not the low flange (model 7710) want to see if anyone has any experience with this before i make a purchase also wondering (prob for someone like zen cyclery to answer), has anyone had experience building ... Read More »

    Track ends vs standard droputs with a WI eccentric hub

    The frame I'm looking at is stock with standard dropouts and derailleur hanger, I will be setting the new bike up as a SS. Having the frame custom made with track ends is an option, for an extra $300. My current CX bike is set up with a White Industries eccentric hub, I have not had any problems wit ... Read More »

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