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Hope Ultralight Hubs

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MSRP : $67.50

Product Description

The Ultra light front hub is one of the world's lightest bicycle hubs. It weights an incredibly light 68g, WITH sealed bearings. Those incredible bearings insure a smooth spinning hub, with little need for worry. This hub is for the very light rider, occasional commuter or super smooth road racer. This hub is not for offroad use,especially the downhill monster. Designed for light use only.

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Latex versus Ultralight Butyl Tubes

Many folks rave over the ride of latex tubes and i've read many of the test results on the web (wheel energy, biketechreview.com's tire testing, etc.) but i have yet to see a comparison of the Ultralight Butyl tubes vs similar weight Latex tubes. I've been running Michelin Aircomp Ultralight Butyl ... Read More »

Maxxis Ultralight tube question

Could anyone please tell me if Maxxis Ultralight 700C tubes have threaded or smooth valve stems? I tried looking around online but couldn't find a decent enough image to tell. Thanks.Read More »

BH Ultralight; any reviews/ride reports, etc...?

I'm in the market for a new frame/bike and the BH ultralight is at the top of my list. I'm also looking at the Tarmac SL4, Parleee Z5, Crumpton, and similar. I've read the magazine reviews but I would like some real world input if anyone has any.Read More »

BH Ultralight and or G5

Got to play around with one of the new BH Ultralights after dropping off a G5 I tested. I was shocked at both of these bikes. While they are different both had exceptional ride qualities. Anyone own one of the G5's long term?Read More »

anyone familar w http://www.zedwheels.com and/or ultralight 6-pawl hubs

Has anyone ordered from this wheel builder - he's in British Columbia - or built wheels with these hubs? A weightweenies.com forum has some posts re: the hubs but nothing re: their reliability over time.Read More »

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