Kurt Kinetic Trainer Skewer Hubs

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Product Description

The Kurt Kinetic Trainer Skewer is a sturdy steel skewer that will keep you pedaling indoors all winter long. If you're trainer will not fit over your bike's skewer, this skewer is the answer for you.

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Cycleops Trainer skewer question

My wife and I recently purchased a Cycleops wind trainer. We both want to use our road bikes on it but don't want to transfer the cycleops skewer so I guess I need to purchase another one. I am assuming the ones that are on our bikes stock won't work?? If that's the case does cyclops make a black on ... Read More »

Trek Domane 2014 in Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer, cups/skewer?

I have just received my new 2014 Trek Domane 5.2, and I notice that it has very different quick release levers and skewer/axle caps from my older bicycles. Without doubt, my ~2006 Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer's standard skewer/axle cups are not suitable. In fact, the quick release lever side o ... Read More »

Keeping rear skewer for trainer on bike while riding

Aside from being a tad heavier etc... are the skewers used for indoor trainers safe to use on the road? Would be much easier just keeping it on the bike so can throw the bike on and off the trainer without having to change the rear skewer.Read More »

Is there an alternative to the trainer skewer?

Are there any other skewers that can fit a Cyclops Fluid 2 besides the special trainer skewer? I'm considering buying a nice pair of skewers as a fun way to lighten up my bike. I bought my wheels without skewers and for the last 6 months I have been using a Shimano XT mtb skewer in the front and ... Read More »

Minoura Skewer for trainer ?

A friend gave me a Minoura MAG-850 trainer. It seems to be missing the skewer... This one... [url]http://www.minourausa.com/english/trainer-e/option-e/skewer-e.html[/url] I have searched high and low to find a replacement. Can someone point me in the right direction. Is there another type/bra ... Read More »

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