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DuraAce 7900 24h front hub anyone?

I've tried a Google search and the normal mailorder places but haven't turned up a DuraAce 7900 24h front hub. Anyone know of a source?Read More »

Fulcrum Racing 7 - front hub bearing replacement

I've searched here and Youtube to no avail. I've got the little dust covers and circlips removed and now cannot get the axle out of the front hub. I tried setting the hub atop a deep socket and driving the axle with a wooden mallet but it doesn't move and I'm afraid of breaking something. Has any ... Read More »

chris king r45 front hub clicking sound

this may need to be moved to the components/wrenching section. if so, i apologize. i know there's a lot of builders in this section as well so i thought maybe they could help. i recently purchased a set of wheels built up with chris king r45 hubs. they're rolling great and i'm very happy with ... Read More »

Chis King Classic rear hub and R45 front hub OK for a wheelset?

I have a Chris King Classic 28 hole rear hub to use for a wheelset build. I have two choices for a front hub. I could use a front Classic hub but it would have to be 28 spoke which is as low as the Classic goes. I would like s 24 spoke front making the wheelset 24/28. I could go with Kings R45 front ... Read More »

80's C Record front hub bearing size

Does anyone know what size bearing is used in the earliest C Record front hubs? My google searching yielded this: [I]"The Sutherland manual states that if the center of the hub shell is marked "S.U." then it took 9x 7/32", otherwise use 10x 3/16".[/I] My hub has 9 bearings per side, but there is ... Read More »

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