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Cracked Zipp 404 Front Hub

My eyes opened wide in disbelief when I beheld my cracked Zipp 404 front hub. I'd estimate that it is about six to seven years old - it was the first year that Zipp had dimpled rims. The wheel has had light use. Mostly time trials and some road racing. No crashes or potholes. Probably 2000 km ... Read More »

Chris King Front Hub Play?

Took my wheels with C. King hubs to my LBS to have a complete overhaul done. Once the front wheel was back in the fork I noticed what I would call a significant amount of play/slack side to side. I seem to remember just a little bit when they were new, say a mm or two. Now I guess there is 4mm each ... Read More »

RS81 front hub caps

My friend has a brand new RS81 c24 front wheel, which is a Wh-6800 hub. The 2 hub caps are not identical: [LIST=1] [*]one cap has tabs the clips on the hub, so it turns with the wheel. [*]other cap has no tabs and fits very tightly on the hub nut so it doesn't turn with the wheel. As the wheel t ... Read More »

Play/slop in Bullseye front hub

Hey everybody. I'm still new to working on bikes. I tried to find answers online, but to no avail. I have a set of old Bullseye hubs. The guy I bought them from was a mechanic. When I noticed that there was a little wiggle in the front wheel, he said "no biggie," and tightened it right up. I t ... Read More »

Front hub: White Ind. T11 vs AC Micro?

i want to get a new front wheel built, and as far as i've seen, these two offer the best $/g ratio. any opinions here between these two? quality of the product? quality of the wheel as a whole that they will be built into? no difference at all?Read More »

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