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Chris King Front Hub Play?

Took my wheels with C. King hubs to my LBS to have a complete overhaul done. Once the front wheel was back in the fork I noticed what I would call a significant amount of play/slack side to side. I seem to remember just a little bit when they were new, say a mm or two. Now I guess there is 4mm each ... Read More »

RS81 front hub caps

My friend has a brand new RS81 c24 front wheel, which is a Wh-6800 hub. The 2 hub caps are not identical: [LIST=1] [*]one cap has tabs the clips on the hub, so it turns with the wheel. [*]other cap has no tabs and fits very tightly on the hub nut so it doesn't turn with the wheel. As the wheel t ... Read More »

Play/slop in Bullseye front hub

Hey everybody. I'm still new to working on bikes. I tried to find answers online, but to no avail. I have a set of old Bullseye hubs. The guy I bought them from was a mechanic. When I noticed that there was a little wiggle in the front wheel, he said "no biggie," and tightened it right up. I t ... Read More »

Front hub: White Ind. T11 vs AC Micro?

i want to get a new front wheel built, and as far as i've seen, these two offer the best $/g ratio. any opinions here between these two? quality of the product? quality of the wheel as a whole that they will be built into? no difference at all?Read More »

Needs a ultegra 28 hole front hub!

Any one who knows where I can buy a new Shimano ultegra front hub with 28 holes?Read More »

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