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Ringlé CITY FLEA Hubs

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Product Description

  • Polished
  • 3 Pawls System
  • Quad Bearing System
  • 9/10 SPD Cassette

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Sun Ringle city flea experience?

Does any one have any experience or can recommend the 2012 sun ringle city flea hubset?Read More »

Sun Ringle City Flea Hubs

Does anyone know anything more about these hubs. I have looked at them on the Sun/Ringle website and a copy of other message boards (sounds like they used to be made by Tune, and still look like exact copies), but there were no reviews of them on in the review section of this site. Anyone know w ... Read More »

Sun 'City Flea' Hub v Tune

It has been suggested to me that the Sun Ringle 'City Flea' hub is the same hub as a Tune Mig / Mag. It certainly looks the same hub in pictures. Can anyone supply information?Read More »

Read More »



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