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Ringlé Eco Hubs

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Product Description

  • 6061 T6 Alloy Hub Body
  • 7075 TX Alloy Axle
  • Four Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • 32 hole
  • Laser Engraved Graphics

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dahon c7 eco vs speed uno

hi there. I'm looking for a bike to take home w/ me to pittsburgh (very hilly) and on other business trips to places that will very likely be more mountainous than miami, where i live now. I really like the look of the speed uno and ride fixed on all my full-size bikes, so i'd probably prefer the ... Read More »

Review of Old Stan's Sealant vs. New Eco Friendly Version

Has anyone observed any performance difference between the old ammonia Stan's and the new Eco friendly version?Read More »

Eco friendly political jersey's?

As I was listening about gas prices climbing up the other day I started wondering why no ones has ever offered Jersey's with logo's to help educate all those annoyed drivers who have to let off the gas for 2 seconds or speed up for 1 second when they pass us. Things printed on the back of the jers ... Read More »

Eco Velo's "Why I ride" contest got me thinking...

Why do I ride? There are cheaper ways to exercise, there are faster ways to get to work, there are safer ways to get my daughter to daycare. By almost every metric, cycling is a loser. It's expensive- I spend far more a year on bike stuff than on car stuff, it takes a ton of time, it's not nearly ... Read More »

eco-friendly fail

Yesterday my wife and I had to make an unholy pilgrimage to walmart for a variety of things that would otherwise rack up a small fortune at any other store. We have a whole bag full of re-usable grocery bags to prevent a few bits of plastic from ending up in a landfill or hanging from a tree. Appar ... Read More »

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