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Soma Fabrications Track Front Hub Bolt-on

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Track Wheel front hub

Hello Im thinking of building up a front wheel for track riding on a closed Velodrome 250m And i want some input on Hub selection for the front wheel? Now im looking at a Dura Ace front hub 28 or a 32 hole. But im wondering if there are any other hubs that i should consider before committing? ... Read More »

radial lacing shimano LF track front hub

anyone done this? pretty sure shimano only recommend radial lacing on the high flange hub not the low flange (model 7710) want to see if anyone has any experience with this before i make a purchase also wondering (prob for someone like zen cyclery to answer), has anyone had experience building ... Read More »

anyone have a front 700c track/roadwheel and or 1" track fork

clincher preferably, I have new tubes and hooked tires. My wheel just died (moreso, the threading on the axles were stripped --- track hubs/axles/lugs). bad way to start the long weekend. please let me know what you have. thanks.Read More »

Will This Razesa Track Bike Accept A Front Brake?

I have an 80's era Razesa track bike and would like to know whether the existing fork will accept a front brake or if perhaps I need to replace the fork for one with a larger crown area if I choose to go with a front brake. There is approximately 1cm of available crown space. I guess I also need ... Read More »

Why a disk up front on a track bike?

I'm sure the answer is simple, but why would this LOOK track bike run a disk up front and a spoked wheel in back? Just curious. This is one crazy track bike the French team has. Swiped this from :cool: Thanks.Read More »

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