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Soma Fabrications Track Rear Hub Bolt-on

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how many of you are running fenders with rear facing track ends?

And how much of a hassle is it to get the rear wheel out? Post a pic!Read More »

single rear track wheel

any place that i cant get a cheap prebuilt track wheel w 120 mm spacing? thanksRead More »

126mm Rear Steel Track frame question...

I will a 130mm fit in there and safley stretch the rear out? Or does it need to be cold set first?Read More »

REAR TRACK WHEEL / 4xradial / 3xradial / need help...

hey guys just got a shimano dura ace HB 7600 ( high flange single side track hub) 36h and a velocity deep v 36h clincher rim.... i wanted to go with a mixed lacing pattern... i was thinking either 3x/radial or 4x/radial ..... anyone want to tell me if this would be fine or not... what problems i ... Read More »

Servicing Track Bike Rear Hub

Hey guys/gals, I've been working on bikes for yrs and have serviced countless hubs. They have all been 7, 8, 9speed etc. This weekend I have to service a track bike. I dont have any experience with these. How is the rear sprocket mounted? Is dissasembling the hub virtually the same as a geared bike? ... Read More »

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