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SRAM Torpedo Hubs

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Product Description

Track frame hub designed to "switch" from free wheel to fixed with the turn of a screw.

There is so little on this item on the web. They have a web site but it doesn't reveal much. So, (of course) I went ahead and built this hub up with Mavic open pros, Gatorskins now attached to a Kilo TT frame built up for urban use.

First Impressions:
Looks to be well constructed. It doesn't appear to be sealed.
The axle, on the gear side, has a small, flathead screw that you turn 6 or 8 turns to lock the hub as either free or fixed. It requires very little effort and it is housed within a slightly recessed housing constructed (I presume) to protect the screw.

While pedaling the free wheel is smooth and you can hear and feel an even, natural clicking. Spin the screw with a small screwdriver and you have a fixed hub within seconds. In fixed mode there is a little play -akin to a slightly loose chain but its not really a big deal. Someone speculated that it was dialed into the design on purpose but I'm not sure why. Anyway, the fixed mode is solid and seems to skid okay. I would love to hear opinions as I'm no expert.

I imagine this isn't for everyone as the purists would see only complications. I, for one, am enjoying being able to quickly ride freewheel or fixed whenever I like without resorting to flipping the hub.

So, as an owner, I am endorsing this product!

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