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Surly Fixed gear Hubs

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MSRP : $56.00

Product Description

Threaded forTrack cog and lockring 314 grams

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First Fixed gear bike

Hey guys, I'm wanting to get my first fixed gear bike and was hoping I can get some solid recommendations on good brands and bikes for reasonable prices. It would greatly be appreciated thanks.Read More »

Fixed Gear Fondo & Single Speed Open

This past weekend I hit the inaugural Fixed Gear Fond & Single Speed Open just north of Philly, PA. [url=http://www.fixedgearfondo.com/]Fixed Gear Fondo[/url] It wasn't a race, but some of us went in with the goal of finishing first whereas others were there purely for the fun of the ride. Ther ... Read More »

How do i convert my single speed bike to be fixed gear?

i have a road bike frame and ive been trying to build a fixie. i have my front wheel and my cranks . practically everything done except my rear wheel. im using a single gear rear wheel and i was wondering how to make my wheel fixed... please help.. [IMG]http://dailydigitaldeals.info/wp-content/uplo ... Read More »

Fixed-gear bicycle

In Australia (and for some in the United States), "fixed-wheel" is the normal term for the subject of this article, meaning the opposite of freewheel, and "fixed-gear" refers to a single-speed bicycle. A fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel bicycle, commonly known as a fixie) is a bicycle that has a ... Read More »

Seatpost rack for my fixed gear. Only have dropout eyelets

Hey guys. I'm looking for a rack for y fixed gear bike to be able to carry a bit more for my work commutes. I have dropout eyelets but no Braze on's on the seat stays. I know there are seatpost racks but I'm looking for one that also has legs that attach down in the eyelets. Mainly so it will suppor ... Read More »

Read More »



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