Caffelatex Tubeless Rim Strip

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Caffelatex Tubeless Rim Tape Reinforced with a dense glass-fiber matrix, it can stand even high pressure with just one layer. Perfectly adapts to rim internal profile Makes standard rims air-tight Seals spoke holes ...

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Tubeless remounting issues with Stan's tape

A few months ago I got some new Pacenti SL23 rims and carefully applied 2 layers of Stan's tape before mounting some tubeless tires. Tire mounting issues aside, I inflated the tire and seated the beads easily the first time using just a floor pump. This weekend I was due for some new tires so I got ... Read More »

New to tubeless. Air pressure question

700-23c atom tubeless on Ultegra rims with caffe latex sealant. I weigh in at 205 and ride mostly decent pavement. How low would you dare take the pressure? Thanks in advance. BartRead More »

Any NON tubeless-ready 700c, 23mm rims out there?

If they exist, can we get a list going of 700c, 622, 23+mm wide NON tubeless-ready rims?Read More »

DT Swiss RR440 tubeless rim

I have a set of wheels with these rims and am in the process of installing tubeless tires (Maxxis Padrone). The front was not a problem, but I am having a heck of a time mounting the rear. The rear RR440 is asymmetrical design (not sure that has anything to do with it) and so far I tried four dif ... Read More »

old a23s tubeless

I know the a23 was updated to accept tubeless, but anyone setup the older a23 rims to be run tubeless with success?Read More »

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