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Michelin rim strips are made of one solid piece of plastic. Can withstand pressure up to 180 psi. Rim strip for road wheels 700C.

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Stans Tubeless rim strip in 700c Chinese carbon clincher for CX

Looking at new CX wheels and want to know if anyone has tried this? I think it should work but im not sure if it will be burp free... If no one knows, Ill try it one my road wheel later in the week when I acquire a rim strip and treaded valve extender.Read More »

FSA rim strip

I have these rim strips : fullspeedahead.com/products/269/Road-and-MTB-Rim-Strips (sorry cannot post urls) I am going to get new aluminum wheels sometimes soon, and I would like to know if this rim strips will do the job. Or should I buy Veloplugs or Vortex instead?Read More »

Tubeless Datapoint: 2011 Hutchinson Piranhas, Stans Strip, Non-Tubeless Rim

Tubeless technology in the world of 'cross seems to be a hot topic, and there are frequently threads asking about it. I figured I'd offer up a datapoint for those who are googling about this stuff as I have. My setup: Hutchinson Piranhas (2011 version, not the 2010s). Wheels are Neuvation R28S ... Read More »

Tire, Rim, Rim Strip: odd problem I found.

I thought I would share this with you guys; I can find nothing in any of the 4 bike repair manuals dealing with rim strips. They barely even make mention. Anyhow, I was having a real problem with some new Continental tires on a set of Miche rims. I noticed what looked like an out of round tire, a ... Read More »

Dura Ace Wheel Rim Strip Question

I just purchased a set of Dura Ace carbon/aluminum clincher wheels and they came with a blue plastic rim strip around them. I am not sure if this is an actual rim strip or if it shoudl be removed and a traditional rim strip installed. Or, do you add a rim stip on the outside of the plastic one? A ... Read More »

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