Stans NoTubes Rim Tape Rim Strip

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Stan's NoTubes Yellow Rim Tape has become the standard for achieving a proper seal when converting

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Never seen a wheel like this before - rim tape advice

To be fair, I haven't seen many wheels. All the wheels I've dealt with have really been racing/road bike wheels that have holes on the inside of the room and the spoke fastener is below the grade. The rim tape covers the holes. I just got a flat on my commuter bike and its rim is quite different. ... Read More »

Rim tape width

Hi, I put on velox 22mm wide rim tape on my h plus son archetypes. The tape comes up and almost comes to the edges. Is this okay? Should I be using something else?Read More »

what width rim tape?

Anyone know what width of rim tape to use with a Zipp team issue wheel? They're pretty much a DT Swiss RR1.1. Thanks!Read More »

My rim tape sucks - Can't seem to remove it either-

My plastic/nylon rim tape sucks - It seemed super mega strong when the wheel was new, but I noticed yesterday it has now completely deformed pretty deeply into all the spoke holes (causing permanent whitish stretched bulges on the inner tube - not good). I want to try Velox, but I can't get the old ... Read More »

Spent 9k on a bike and no rim tape?

Bought a top of the line bike three months ago and got a flat. Upon changing the tube discovered the local bike shop that outfitted me decided not to install rim tape? While technically not required , I can't believe a bike a shop wouldn't just do it on a new bike. Anyone have any relevant experien ... Read More »

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