Stans NoTubes Tubeless Rim Strip

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If our image makes it look as if the Stan's No Tubes Tubeless Rim Strip is a tube, rest assured, it isn't. The Stan's Rim Strip has a Presta valve stem built right into it. It has a removable core -- not only good for replacing damaged valves but also for applying sealant. Stan's No Tubes Tubeless Rim Strips should fit most standard 26in diameter MTB rims that are 21.5 to 25mm wide. They work with Mavic's 223, 221, 317, 517, 519, 717 rims, and 719, Sun's 0 XC, UFO, and Sub4, as well as DT's 4.1, and most other non-Freeride, non-AM, non-DH rims.

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Tubeless remounting issues with Stan's tape

A few months ago I got some new Pacenti SL23 rims and carefully applied 2 layers of Stan's tape before mounting some tubeless tires. Tire mounting issues aside, I inflated the tire and seated the beads easily the first time using just a floor pump. This weekend I was due for some new tires so I got ... Read More »

New to tubeless. Air pressure question

700-23c atom tubeless on Ultegra rims with caffe latex sealant. I weigh in at 205 and ride mostly decent pavement. How low would you dare take the pressure? Thanks in advance. BartRead More »

Any NON tubeless-ready 700c, 23mm rims out there?

If they exist, can we get a list going of 700c, 622, 23+mm wide NON tubeless-ready rims?Read More »

DT Swiss RR440 tubeless rim

I have a set of wheels with these rims and am in the process of installing tubeless tires (Maxxis Padrone). The front was not a problem, but I am having a heck of a time mounting the rear. The rear RR440 is asymmetrical design (not sure that has anything to do with it) and so far I tried four dif ... Read More »

old a23s tubeless

I know the a23 was updated to accept tubeless, but anyone setup the older a23 rims to be run tubeless with success?Read More »

Read More »



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