Zipp Speed Weaponry Rim Tape Rim Strip

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To guarantee a secure fit between rim and tire, we size our clincher rims near the maximum diameter allowed by ISO standards for 700c rims. In order to give the tire bead more space to seat in the rim, we recommend using Zipp's ultra-thin rim tape. Especi

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Never seen a wheel like this before - rim tape advice

To be fair, I haven't seen many wheels. All the wheels I've dealt with have really been racing/road bike wheels that have holes on the inside of the room and the spoke fastener is below the grade. The rim tape covers the holes. I just got a flat on my commuter bike and its rim is quite different. ... Read More »

Rim tape width

Hi, I put on velox 22mm wide rim tape on my h plus son archetypes. The tape comes up and almost comes to the edges. Is this okay? Should I be using something else?Read More »

what width rim tape?

Anyone know what width of rim tape to use with a Zipp team issue wheel? They're pretty much a DT Swiss RR1.1. Thanks!Read More »

My rim tape sucks - Can't seem to remove it either-

My plastic/nylon rim tape sucks - It seemed super mega strong when the wheel was new, but I noticed yesterday it has now completely deformed pretty deeply into all the spoke holes (causing permanent whitish stretched bulges on the inner tube - not good). I want to try Velox, but I can't get the old ... Read More »

Spent 9k on a bike and no rim tape?

Bought a top of the line bike three months ago and got a flat. Upon changing the tube discovered the local bike shop that outfitted me decided not to install rim tape? While technically not required , I can't believe a bike a shop wouldn't just do it on a new bike. Anyone have any relevant experien ... Read More »

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