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Alex Pro 28 Rims

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Product Description

  • Deep section aero profile
  • Welded joint

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28 hole open pro

do they come in sliver? i know 32 and 36 hole do.Read More »

27mm or 28 mm CX tires w/ Ouzo Pro fork?

Does anyone have experience trying to fit either the 27mm Vittoria or 28mm Vred CX tires inside a normal Ouzo Pro or Ouzo Pro Lite road fork. I would like to be able to chase the kids through the woods and would prefer not ot have to buy another bike to do so. Is this an option? Many thanks in ad ... Read More »

Where can I find a 28 hole open pro rim?

Prefer red but any will do. Thanks in advance. I can only find open 4 rims at nashbar.Read More »

Read More »



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