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Alex R600 Rims

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Product Description

  • Aluminium high aeroprofile rim with 42mm height
  • Welded joint
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight in a perfect balance

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Cannondale R600 identification help?

[ATTACH=CONFIG]298103[/ATTACH] I'm looking at this bike on craigslist, I think it's a 97 caad3, but the components don't match up and the fork color is different. Can anyone tell me more about this bike and what you think it's worth? Cheers! [url=http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rch/bik/45548 ... Read More »

N00b Advice Request on Purchasing 1st Road Bike- Cannondale r600 (2004)

[FONT=book antiqua][SIZE=3]Hey, I'm Kate. Looking for your input... I'm heading to this girl's house in a few hours to possibly buy this bike. It'll be my first road bike... It's a Cannondale r600 from 2004 with Shimano Tiagra 105 Flight Deck and 9 speed Shimano components. Cateye Astrale 8, Poggia ... Read More »

Cannondale R600 - Noob

Evening! I'm signed up for a triathlon in a couple of months and am looking for a reasonable price on a used bike and came across this one. [url=http://atlanta.craigslist.org/sat/bik/4376397319.html]Cannondale bicycle[/url] Thoughts on the bike at this price? (I'm 6'0, 32" inseam...fits right)Read More »

Anyone have any R600 name plates to unload?

Looking for a pair (or even one) R600 or 6510 name plate. Nothing on fleabay lately so I thought I'd ask here. It's actually for my Ultegra 6510 shifters, but 6510 name plates are like gold. Literally. Going for around $50/each. Ridiculous. I read somewhere that the R600 will fit, but also no ... Read More »

Cannondale R600

Hi all- I'm new here, so my apologies if I'm not posting this in the correct forum. I'm interested in purchasing a commuter bike. I bike ~30 miles round trip to work each day. I saw this bike on craigslist and am wondering if any of you have any thoughts on it? Particularly, is it a good deal ... Read More »

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