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Viva La Old School Punk Rock

My buddy is in Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine went and saw them last night, the slayed it. No 'just mailing it in' there. Punk rock fury from a bunch of middle aged men. They are headlining the Punk Rock Picnic in OC tonightRead More »

80's Univega Viva Sport

Going to look at one this week. Trying to get a hold of the guy off of Craigslist. Does anyone know where this bike might fit in their lineup? The main reason I'm interested is the frame is a 68cm. I had a Schwinn LeTour in this size and I loved it till it was stolen. I mainly want to know if t ... Read More »

Univega Viva Sport

I am pretty ignorant about bikes and all, so I am looking for some advice. I have a vintage Univega Viva Sport Road Bike that I has been converted to a fixed gear. The frame is a 61, I think. I have all the original parts including the road master handlebars, italian suede seat, brakes and gears. ... Read More »

Viva Italia

Posted yesterday on Italian Cycling Journal. Jiro Belt in Italy is turning used road tires into belts. Price is 30 euros (about $45 at the current exchange rate.) Very cool idea with a certain old-school chic. Worth a look: [url]http://www.jiro-belt.com/[/url]Read More »

Viva la difference!

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